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'classes/Ihc_My_Cred.class.php'; } endif; //===================== END MyCred Integration Module ============================ World of BirdNest Museum – Curates all you need to know about edible bird's nest

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Ever wonder what is edible bird’s nest?
Come visit our museum located within the serene and tranquil Kranji countryside area in Singapore to uncover the myths and discover the benefits of edible bird’s nest for we are probably one of the most comprehensive collection of information about edible bird’s nest in the entire South-East Asia.
At World of Birdnest Museum, we aim to play an educational role in sharing the information in depth about edible bird’s nest, the swiftlet species which their secretion produces the edible bird’s nest. We also curate works on caves bird’s nest to nests from swiftlet’s ranching farms and about sustainable farming, its trade and the past and ongoing scientific development on the medicinal properties of edible bird’s nest.
Whilst at our specialty storefront, we supply only the best and most trusted source of bird’s nest and bird’s nest related products.
Enjoy a bowl of bird’s nest delicacy for dessert or simply snacking on bird’s nest chocolates, cookies and aromatic coffee….
Only at World of Birdnest Museum.

Section Header About us

World of Birdnest Museum & bird’s nest products specialty store, located at Singapore Gallop Kranji Farm Resort (formerly known as D’Kranji Farm Resort) is the first and only museum that curates works related to edible bird's nest and sell quality bird's nest product carefully selected by our team of professionals.

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  • Glycoprotein
  • Functional Drink
  • Artisan Chocolate
  • Bird’s Nest Booster
  • Ready-to-cook
  • Bird’s Nest
  • Birdnest 5A
  • Premium Booster
  • Booster Pack

About us on Capital 95.8 radio interview

"I was pleasantly surprised by how much new knowledge I had gained about bird's nests during my museum visit there. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and eager to clear up any questions we may have about the products. Comfortable layout, fun and interactive displays, and a warm reception — this is indeed an unexpected find in this part of Singapore!"

Mrs Lee

Explicit tour and top grade products. Gained a lot of knowledge through this visit. Thank you!!

Randy Tan


Jenny Sim

Interesting educational tour of history, bird nest types, harvesting methods, benefits of consuming bird nest. Small museum but knowledge pouring out at the brim! Interesting workshops conducted too! Worth a visit! Get away from the city life, and hustle bustle of life and come to Gallop Kranji Farm Resort for a relaxing getaway!

Hoonie Lim

Section Header Exhibition


A day in World of Birdnest Museum, farm tour and Bird’s nest Chocolate making workshop 2018

WOBNM Kranji Friday: 10:30AM - 4:30PM

10:30 -   Group photo taking 11:00 - World of Birdnest Museum Educational Tour 12:30 -  Enjoy lunch at farm 13:30 – Uncle Tan ‘s Herbal Remedies - Uncle Tan will be giving herbs and healing advice at [...]