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Museum History

World of Birdnest Museum, a privately-owned museum was incorporated in early 2017, has a humble start of serving more than 15,000 visitors from all walks of life during our first 18 months of operation. Our museum, positioned at Kranji countryside area in Singapore, boasts one of the most comprehensive collection of information about edible bird’s nest in the entire South-East Asia.
Support from the Business Community plays a significant role in allowing the museum to:
• Provide free admission to primary school students and senior citizens aged above 55
• Present exceptional special workshops tailor to your corporations
• Host educational programs for children and adults
• Conduct scientific research works conducted by academic institutions
• Protect swiftlets species and continuously curate works on swiftlets and bird’s nest
A partnership with the museum is an investment in your business. Corporate partners at all levels receive valuable benefits that include visibility, advertising, special access, and discounts - all while aligning your company with World of Birdnest Museum.

About us

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Amber Skyline is a branding and marketing consultancy company founded by two experienced and professional entrepreneurs – Ms Wee Ai Na and Mr Dennis Yong
Amber Skyline aims to bring together all the ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC products of the world to everyone.
We are proud to present our first flagship museum – World of Birdnest Museum & bird’s nest products specialty store, located at Singapore Gallop Kranji Farm Resort (formerly known as D’Kranji Farm Resort).