Our Core Values

Our Core Values

The core values of World of Birdnest Museum and its specialty store are established to advocate and make aware to the public:

  • Environmental Awareness

    • the dangers of harvesting cave bird’s nests and the potential threats to endangering the species of swiftlets and other birds’ species in the cave due to overharvesting of bird’s nest;
    • the environmental issues arising from illegal bird’s houses built around the urbanized, densely populated areas.
  • Awareness of Corporate Consciousness in Edible Bird’s Nest (EBN) Industry

    • the importance of choosing the accredited EBN processing centre
    • strive to drive more processing centres into getting accreditation and increase the corporate consciousness of processing quality edible bird’s nest for the consumers.
  • Sustainability
    • with right knowledge of swiftlet’s ecology and all other critical factors in building the class one swiftlet ranching farm is essential to achieve sustainable swiftlet houses without endangering the species.
  • Self-Regulatory Check on Quality

    • equipped with right mindset and attitude to request for self-regulatory checks on quality of edible bird’s nest sold by bird’s nest traders and merchants.
  • Legacy

    • works curated by World of Birdnest Museum on edible bird’s nest can be passed on generations to generation.